Of the many challenges in financing renewable energy projects, cost of capital, trading of assets (liquidity) and cost of due diligence of these assets stand out together in terms of their long-term impact. Since they are interconnected, we have designed the SPREAD platform that addresses these challenges and accelerates renewable energy financing. It allows project developers and IPPs to discover the low cost of capital by showcasing their project to investors across the globe. The due diligence data room on the platform allows the investors and the project owner (developer/IPP) to reduce their 3-6 months’ due diligence process to over 1 month.

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SPREAD platform allows Asset Portfolio Managers to create pools of renewable energy assets of the same asset class which is based on the nature of these assets such as but not limited to location, capacity factor, regulatory environment etc. Leveraging the SPREAD platform the Asset Portfolio Managers can create a flexible instrument that could encompass a variety of financial structures (similar to a quasi-liquid private bond), tailored to the renewable energy financing market and to investors’ preference and specific country needs. It could range from simple project debt pass through to a full securitization structure.

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SPREAD platform responds to institutional investors’ need for high yielding investment-grade assets, which could be met through an increase in both the scale and number of investable securities in the renewable energy markets. By creating liquidity in the secondary market, SPREAD aims to enable project lenders to provide more and cheaper financing to small to mid-size renewable energy projects.

SPREAD leverages the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and tokenization to provide greater transparency, ease of trading, and immutability of information to all stakeholders.

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Positive Energy.Community's vision is to be the global platform of choice for enabling communities and businesses to build carbon-free future. Our mission is to offer unprecedented customer empowerment and remove barriers to participation in the renewable energy market. We aim to bring together a diverse set of people and businesses who care about their community’s energy future and enable them to not only reduce the carbon footprint but also create a stronger circular economy around climate finance. In our model everyone benefits. 

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