SPREAD [Social Platform for Renewable Energy Accumulation & Distribution]

We are moving away from the traditional, centralised fossil-fuel power stations towards a hyper-local green energy economy - where decentralised micro-generation turns buildings/houses into mini power plants and communities take control of their energy supply. The future of energy is decarbonised, decentralised, digitised and democratised; which means energy will be produced closer to where it is consumed and we will see more small to mid-size renewable energy projects. Renewable energy offers long horizons, predictable cash-flows, diversification, and excess yields. These attributes can align well with the needs of many institutional investors, a group that collectively manages over USD 70 trillion in assets. However, despite this apparent match, renewable energy investment vehicles are not structured in a way that can attract institutional investment especially when it comes to small and mid-size renewable projects. Social Platform for Renewable Energy Accumulation & Distribution [SPREAD] aims to engage institutional investors in the financing of renewable energy projects to free-up balance sheets of project developers and project finance banks, reduce overall costs, and thereby encourage new investment in the sector.

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To be world's best technology company in the renewable energy industry with the aim of making SPREAD the platform of choice for communities and businesses committed to building a carbon-free future.

We aim to be the major catalysts for the investments in the small to midsize renewables energy projects globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer unprecedented customer empowerment and remove barriers to participation in the renewable energy market. We aim to bring together a diverse set of people and businesses who care about their community’s energy future and enable them to not only reduce the carbon footprint but also create a stronger circular economy around climate finance. We want to leverage the power of deep-tech such as Blockchain, IoT and AI to remove the barriers from the energy market and ease adoption and usage of green energy.

Join us...

We are looking for talented individuals to join our product development, marketing and technology teams.